Contact us

Contact details for those with benefice-wide responsibilities during the Vacancy:

Role  Name  Phone no. email address
Vicar Revd Clare Dean 01747 838171
Benefice Administrator  Mrs Jill Perry

Please note I only work part-time – I will reply at the next available opportunity. Thank You.

01747 838911
Benefice Treasurer Mrs Sue Jones 01747 838784
Licensen Lay Minister Fiona Hedges 01747 838942
Licensed Lay Minister  Carol Hibbert  01747 838272


For contact details for those with responsibilities in particular parishes please see the relevant ‘Who’s who’ page – links below:

Who’s who:
Buckhorn Weston East Stour Fifehead Magdalen Kington Magna
Stour Provost Stour Row Todber West Stour