Who is viewing the site?

I have installed 2 things to help us monitor use. I’ve excluded my own use from both (after 1 use) but the rest of you will be counted which may distort things slightly (I might be able to exclude you – let me know if you’d like me to try). Google analytics Recognises unique visitors … Continue reading

SEO – extra boxes

To help people searching for the churches on the internet I’m trying out an SEO plugin.  The one I have installed has inserted 1 extra box to the page for adding / editing posts (HeadSpace) and amended the tags box, and added a tags box and the HeadSpace one for editing pages. For the moment … Continue reading

Updates to your wording!

(and to mine) Yesterday afternoon I started going through the wording on the home pages and tweaking it – I hope you don’t mind. It’s not that I think I can write better English than you, I think some of the previous wording was preferable from a normal point of view, but I was trying … Continue reading

Admin pages and password

At a recent meeting we decided admin pages would not be publicly viewable. I started adding a password (has to be page by page) but I think it will be easiest if I leave it off till we are about to launch so I’ve removed it from all pages with one for the moment.

Tidied admin screens

Just done 2 things to tidy the admin screens which I hope will make things easier to find: “Tidied” the left side menu on admin pages. Can’t remove those options you don’t need, but have found a way to move them to the bottom and to add a message above them “Don’t use the following” … Continue reading