a square font, with 3 classic arches dipicted on each side, supported on 3 corner columns and a central column

The Norman Font

Baptism or Christening? – these are 2 names for exactly the same thing.

Baptisms take place in all of the churches in the benefice, but the process for arranging one is the same for all.

If you know you would like your baby or child to be baptised, or would like to be baptised yourself, or would like to discuss the possibility, then please contact the Benefice Administrator

Where can we have a Baptism?

Whether the baptism is of a child or adult, in baptism a person is joining the church, the family of Christians worldwide and througout all ages, but is also joining the local church. Hence baptisms usually occur in the parish in which a person lives. (People are sometimes baptised in other parishes with which they have a connection, but the permission of the priest in the parish in which they live is needed).

What is Baptism all about?

If you would like to know more about what baptism means, what being a Godparent means or about the service please see this section on the Church of England website.