Who is viewing the site?

I have installed 2 things to help us monitor use. I’ve excluded my own use from both (after 1 use) but the rest of you will be counted which may distort things slightly (I might be able to exclude you – let me know if you’d like me to try). Google analytics Recognises unique visitors … Continue reading

SEO – extra boxes

To help people searching for the churches on the internet I’m trying out an SEO plugin.  The one I have installed has inserted 1 extra box to the page for adding / editing posts (HeadSpace) and amended the tags box, and added a tags box and the HeadSpace one for editing pages. For the moment … Continue reading

Updates to your wording!

(and to mine) Yesterday afternoon I started going through the wording on the home pages and tweaking it – I hope you don’t mind. It’s not that I think I can write better English than you, I think some of the previous wording was preferable from a normal point of view, but I was trying … Continue reading



At present the only ring of bells rung regularly in the benefice is that at Kington Magna. Whichever parish you’re from, if you’d like to take up bell ringing get in touch or find out more by going along to Kington on a practice night.

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For children, toddlers and their carers

Most of the picture - the tail of the peacock - is made up of children's handprints

Munchkins artwork


For children aged 0 to 5 years

Held on Thursday mornings

In Buckhorn Weston Village Hall

All Welcome

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Admin pages and password

At a recent meeting we decided admin pages would not be publicly viewable. I started adding a password (has to be page by page) but I think it will be easiest if I leave it off till we are about to launch so I’ve removed it from all pages with one for the moment.

Tidied admin screens

Just done 2 things to tidy the admin screens which I hope will make things easier to find: “Tidied” the left side menu on admin pages. Can’t remove those options you don’t need, but have found a way to move them to the bottom and to add a message above them “Don’t use the following” … Continue reading