Who is viewing the site?

I have installed 2 things to help us monitor use. I’ve excluded my own use from both (after 1 use) but the rest of you will be counted which may distort things slightly (I might be able to exclude you – let me know if you’d like me to try).

Google analytics

Recognises unique visitors (though may think 2 people in a household are one, one person at home and work are 2, etc.).

Gives detailed results, you can see how many times each page has been viewed, etc.

As well as info. relating to what people viewed, how they found the site (direct, a link from another site or using a search engine) there is info. on browser used, screen size etc. Very handy for checking trends, and how they apply for a particular site, which may not follow the average.

To see these results, you need to log into the Google account I’ve set up for the Stour Vale Churches. Particulars by email.


Look at the bottom left of any page and you’ll see a number – click on that and you can see the Sitemeter results.(If you have a large screen it is right over in the left corner, away from the main content in the window)

You are taken to the summary page, from the menu on the left I think the “By details” is quite interesting – you can see how long people spent on the site and how many pages they viewed. I then like clicking on the nos. in the left-most column of detail for more details but this level probably too teccie for most.

Shows the number of visits (but not individual visitors), how many pages viewed and length of stay, and some browser info. Attempts to show where people were – pretty good on country, not very accurate within (it reckoned I was in Oxford rather than Gillingham).

I could hide this info. but don’t see any reason to – for some companies there may be commercial issues and competitors to think about but we’re not in that situation!

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