Tidied admin screens

Just done 2 things to tidy the admin screens which I hope will make things easier to find:

  1. “Tidied” the left side menu on admin pages.
    Can’t remove those options you don’t need, but have found a way to move them to the bottom and to add a message above them “Don’t use the following”
  2. Logged in as everyone and used the “screen options” in top right corner on a number of pages to hide things I don’t expect you to need, or at least not for a while. If / when you do need any in the future they’re easy to unhide.

Apologies if this causes any initial confusion, but I’m sure in the long term it should help.

What you may want to do: I don’t know what your computer is like. At present everyone is set to view some “boxes” in a column on the right. If you have a small screen you may like to view one column – select from screen options.

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